1566 Eldorado Stroke icons

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Eldorado Stroke contains 1566 thin and ultrathin vector icons divided into following categories: Baby, Basic, Building, Culture, Devices, Documents, Education, Finance, Food 1-3, Holiday, Layout, Medicine, Mobile, Multimedia, Navigation, Player, Symbols, Transport, User, Weather, Work, Furniture, Appliance.


Adobe Illustrator AI. Comes in stroke and includes 40x40 px and 60x60 px files. Each icon category is on its own layer.

Adobe Photoshop PSD. Sizes: 40x40 px and 60x60 px.

Adobe Photoshop custom shapes CSH.

SVG files for individual icons.



Transparent PNG. Sizes: 40x40 px, 60x60 px and 128x128 px.


Ready for iOS 7. PSD and PNG with stroke size 2 px in 60x60 px.

Comes with free raster version of Eldorado icons (in PSD file).

Perfectly fits for making flat icons, infographic and interfaces. Good choice for use in web, iOS, Android, Metro style Windows 8 and other applications.

Strong and serious style.

Please note:

All icons are monocolored.

Each icon category is on its own layer in Illustrator file. Turn on layers window to find all icons: Window - Layers

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1566 Eldorado Stroke icons

0 ratings
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